How to generate more leads from your digital content 


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Chris Carpenter, Acquisition Marketing Manager and Nick Mason, CEO and Co-Founder of Turtl

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Our recent research report found that most successful marketers use long-form content in their marketing mix again. The respondents revealed that it's because they find it easier to personalize the content (48%), automate its design (31%), and get their message across more effectively.

So why aren't more marketers investing in this area?

Traditionally, long-form content has generated lower-intent leads within the pipeline, posing lead quality challenges for most marketers. This type of investment is also more complex and requires greater time and investment to produce, with no guarantees on performance - leaving many marketers feeling like launching flagship content is a gamble.

This suggests that marketers still don't have the knowledge or necessary tools to create engaging, innovative long-form content that drives high-quality leads into their pipeline.

If this sounds like something you're facing, or you want to get the most out of your lead-generation efforts, sign up for this webinar, where we cover how to:

  • Plan successful lead-generation content
  • Measure and iterate on content performance
  • Use content insight to judge intent
  • Act upon engagement signals and follow-up
  • Prove marketing ROI using long-form content

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